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Curriculum resources for practical and investigative science

KS3 and A Level curriculum resources for practical and investigative science

Working together with the ASE to help deliver an excellent and inspiring education for all young people, these co-authored resources support science departments to integrate engaging and purposeful activities within their current schemes of learning


These extremely useful resources:

  • Highlight opportunities for practical & investigative science throughout the KS3 National Curriculum and AS/A-Level Specification
  • Identify possible purposes for each activity
  • Identify equipment
  • Highlight common misconceptions which pupils have
  • Identify the learning demand of different concepts
  • Identify the key vocabulary in the different science curriculum


To download your Biology, Chemistry and Physics KS3 or A-Level curriculum resources visit:

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The research paper, ‘Analysing practical activities to assess and improve effectiveness’ by Robin Millar provides the basis for categorising purpose for the activities. 

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