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NERC YouTube Channel

Inspirational short videos from NERC and other research partners. We think they are a great tool for raising awareness about STEM careers and particular research areas.

Our Top Picks


A scientists explains how her research is investigating a new way to combat bacteria, by attacking them with viruses.

Subject: Biology
Curriculum link: Microbes
Resource type: Video
Ages: 14-18

Ice Modeller

 A scientist explains how she is using experiments to improve computer modelling of sea ice in the Arctic. 

Subject: Chemistry
Curriculum link: Climate change
Curriculum link (working scientifically): Use of models
Resource type: Video
Ages: 14-16

Keeping bumblebee parasites at bay

A research scientist explains how his research has helped to show that imported bees for crop pollination were infected with parasites.

Subject: Biology
Curriculum link: Insect pollination
Resource type: Video
Ages: 11-14

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