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Need we say more?
OK we need to say more....( we copied this off their site while they were in the pub)

"New scientific discoveries are happening all the time, fascinating developments which will change the future of the human race. But how often are you given the chance to really understand how these discoveries are made and what they mean?

The Pint of Science Festival returns in May 2018 and will see some of world’s best scientific researchers travel to pubs across the UK to discuss their latest findings with you. This is your chance to get face-to-face with the people involved in carrying out current research. You can listen to them talk, join in games and quizzes, or just enjoy a chat over a pint. Find out what’s really going on in cancer research, neuroscience, global warming, space missions and many more areas.  The festival will run during May 2018 in collaboration with 14 leading UK universities and institutions and in 44 pubs across 26 different cities."

 Visit the pint of science home page>>

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