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PLAN working scientifically matrices

About the PLAN Team 

Pan London Assessment Network (PLAN) was formed in Autumn 2015 as a collaboration between six North and East London local authority and independent consultants to explore ways of supporting schools with primary science assessment.


Primary Science Assessment (PLAN)

PLAN is a set of resources produced to enable teachers to have a clearer understanding of National Curriculum (England) expectations for meeting the standard in science. Annotated collections of children’s work provide examples of what working at the expected standard for primary science might look like for the knowledge and conceptual understanding statements of the programmes of study (POS).

These resources are quality assured and moderated through the network - so teachers and subject leaders can use them with confidence.

Each collection of work shows one example of how a pupil has met National Curriculum statements for a particular area of content but these are not intended to be the definitive way of teaching these statements.

About the working scientifically matrices

Each matrix provides explanation and illustration of working scientifically skills including progression



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