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The UK part of the mission is CAST – Coordinated Airborne Studies in the Tropics and will be using a UK owned aircraft – the BAe-146.   NASA will be flying with their Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle as part of the ATTREX campaign and NCAR will be using their Gulfstream V aircraft as part of CONTRAST.
What makes this research so exciting is it will be the first time that a research aircraft from the UK and two aircraft provided by NASA, and NCAR, have flown together through the atmosphere taking measurements. By flying three research aircraft in this way the researchers can gather information about the different layers of the atmosphere and gain critical understanding about how it behaves in such a unique region of the world.
The researchers are writing blogs so that we, stuck at home in the rainy and windy UK, can learn more about what they are doing and why. They will also be tweeting and facebooking their research and making a series of short videos about the work they are doing – so watch this space.
From the 30th June to the 6th July, members of the CAST research project will be available at the Royal Society Summer Science exhibition for members of the public to visit and discuss different science projects taking place over the UK.
Official blog post of the CAST project:
Blogs from researchers involved in this research mission:
@CAST_guam – twitter account of the project
@faam146 – unofficial twitter account of the aircraft
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