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Copper Poster Competition 2014

The 2014 competition invites you to create a poster that highlights the essential role copper plays in our lives.‘This is a great opportunity for all students to explore the impact of science on everyday life.


‘Over the three years I have been involved with the competition, both the quality and quantity of entries have improved significantly.

‘The best entries show a good scientific understanding of this important material and combine this with strong creative skills to put across their message.’

– Richard Needham, Association for Science Education


Design a poster that will appeal to a target audience of 11–16 year olds, highlighting the essential role copper plays in our daily lives, the properties that make it vital and the benefits it offers society.

First prize in each category is £100 for the student and £500 for the school.  The runner-up prizes are £50 for the student and £250 for the school. The deadline for entries is May 30th 2014

For full details please visit the Copper Development Association page here

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