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Brand new syllabus specific A2-Level Revision Guides available now! 

CGP has A-Level sciences sewn up with our great new range of Biology, Chemistry and Physics books for the AQA, OCR and Edexcel courses.  They’ve got precise notes on every single topic on the specs along with practice questions and exam-style questions to make sure it’s all sunk in properly.  With plenty of clear diagrams and entertaining bits to keep students’ attention they’re the best quality Revision Guides around.  What’s more, we’ve got matching AS Revision Guides giving your students complete coverage of the new Specifications from day one of the course.  We always keep our prices as low as we can and all the books in our A-Level range are just £5.00 each to UK schools.  We’re also more than happy to send out free sample copies to UK schools, so if you’d like to take a look just call us on 08750 750 1262 or email and we’ll have it on your desk tomorrow. 


CGP produces top notch Science Revision and Practice Books for pupils of every age.  They’re all perfectly matched to the curriculum and are dangerously close to being funny. 

If you fancy a free class set of any of our Science books all you need to do is send an email with your Name and School Name to  Then the first entry out of the hat on 18/12/09 will win some lovely books and a free Curly Wurly.  Hurrah.   

PS – you need to be a teacher or technician working in a UK school to enter. 

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