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Schoolscience provides free learning resources, information and news for science education worldwide.

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Smart Learning Teachers' Club Science

Teachers’ Club Science creates an accessible website for all teachers involved in teaching Science to 11-14 year olds, where they can find constantly-updated FREE resources for their classrooms and own CPD in a wide range of topics. 

"There are loads of new resources for teaching the new Programme of Study and inspiring science teaching and learning generally, a great ever-changing site with a great archive." Robert Brooks, Key Stage 3 Science Co-ordinator, Carshalton Boys Sports College.

Teachers’ Club Science is a novel website specifically designed to help teachers by providing free resources in support of the new 2014 Key Stage 3 Science Programme of Study.
It offers materials that teachers can use immediately to plan and deliver their lessons so that they can improve the interest and engagement of students.
Teachers’ Club Science is written by experienced science teachers and other science experts. It is peer reviewed and edited by the Smart Science publishing team to ensure its scientific integrity is maintained. It includes:
  • Homework activities
  • Structured questions and practicals/investigations
  • Worksheets and marking guides

These are supplemented by relevant video links and scientific biographies which have been carefully crafted, saving teachers the time spent searching for their own resources.

Teachers’ Club Science is unique because it is FREE, is designed for Science teachers rather than students, and allows a one-stop-shop for core resources, and a wide range of additional material aimed at bringing science to life for teachers and students – by topic.

The Club is structured around a variety of topics with each one including six different resources. These can be used with complete flexibility by teachers so they exactly fit the needs of their students. They can be used for an entire lesson, or as a resource to top up their own materials.

More than traditional teaching materials, the Club includes TV listings, news, links to other relevant science websites and the latest developments in scientific thinking. This helps teachers to raise their game, generate more interest from students by ensuring their teaching is topical and exciting.
The content is updated constantly with all content being archived, which results in a searchable treasure trove of resources for inspiring lessons and teacher CPD.

Teachers’ Club Science occupies a special place in the world of online education, as it is the only website that teachers can access and download, at no cost, such a beneficial range of excellent, credible, useful resources which offer such invaluable help with the delivery of the new Programme of Study for Key Stage 3 Science. Its user-friendly layout and attractive format mean that users find it easy to navigate and a wonderfully straightforward gateway to a wealth of teaching resources – and it’s all free!
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