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Running in the Corridors






The ‘Running in the Corridors’ pack provides information to inspire children to become involved in learning about and fundraising for endangered habitats.  The pack features a ‘Learning about Rainforests’ CD, teacher information, a student booklet as well as case studies of the World Land Trust project areas and a Wildlife Corridors game board.  Imagery on the CD is visually striking with fantastic photographs of the various endangered species found within the World Land Trust project areas. The CD is a valuable teaching tool devised by WLT who have extensive knowledge of the world’s rainforests. However  the ‘Running in the Corridors’ pack also encourages pupils to take action by raising funds to protect a variety of threatened habitats and the animals which depend upon them. 


To encourage schools to participate in fundraising for World Land Trust, there are imaginative rewards in place.  Pupils are encouraged to create a portfolio which shows WLT how the donation money was raised.  There will be a top prize and two commendations awarded to the most imaginative and successful fundraising ideas presented in a portfolio. Students could win: an elephant from India (a wooden carving purchased directly from the artist), or a school visit by a World Land Trust staff member, or even a class visit to the nearest BIAZA Zoo.

Find out more on the World Land Trust website 

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