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Virtual Microscope Software







LJ VM-range

Introduce your students to the microscopic building blocks of biological systems with this exciting and interactive software application.


Ideal for an interactive whiteboard or for individual student use, this software has been designed to help your students understand how to use a microscope and investigate a range of animal, fungi and plant slides.  This application is not intended to detract from using a real microscope in the classroom but as an introduction to enable your students to handle the real equipment with ease, and understand the functions of a microscope when coming to use them in practical activities.


This software is highly engaging and features built-in tutorials and a wide range of genuine specimen slides.  The Virtual Microscope behaves in the same way as a real unit, for example, if you fail to set the end stop you run the risk of breaking the slide on the objective lens and if you move the slide to the right, then what you are viewing in the eye piece will move to the left.


Visit the LJ Create website for more information and a product demonstration:


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