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WISE (Women into Science, Engineering and Construction) works with industry, schools, and the STEM enrichment community to reach out to girls by promoting activities that bring colour and relevance to the careers that girls tend to avoid in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

WISE believes that real-world hands-on experience can have a major impact on girls who would never consider engineering or construction as a possible career. WISE has also created a number of publications in a bright, dynamic style such as their mind maps showing the wealth of career opportunities in engineering, physics, and mobile technology. These aim to inspire schools, colleges, business and industry to think again about how they market non-traditional careers in engineering construction or ICT (information and communications technology) to be very real and exciting fields for girls.

WISE has just celebrated its 25th anniversary  and is supporting a number of upcoming hands on projects, including a second RAF and fourth Royal Navy Engineering residential course for Year 10 girls. All of these activities endeavour to continue connecting schools, colleges, and further educational institutions with business and industry to create positive learning opportunities for girls who may then re-think their future careers. 




WISE and WiSET have produced a poster to highlight the careers opportunities in science and maths. The WISE poster, '101 jobs from science and maths' is FREE on receipt of an A4 SAE covering costs for postage and packaging. If you would like to order any posters for your school/educational establishment, please contact us, letting us know the quantity you need and delivery address.

To order the poster please visit the WISE Education page

Download a PDF here

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