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The Particles app for iPad and Windows 8







The Particles takes you on a journey through the world of particle physics. Discover the five families of subatomic particles, such as the leptons, quarks and bosons. This app allows you to browse a wealth of real ‘event’ images and videos, read popular ‘biographies’ of each of the particles and explore the A-Z of particle physics with its details and definitions of key concepts, laboratories and physicists.


Science Photo Library has developed this app, in partnership with leading physicist Professor Frank Close, to be a modern source of information on particle physics for everyone — from scientists and students to school children and members of the public who have an interest in science.

Professor Frank Close commented: ‘I have written a number of books on particle physics in my career and thought it was about time we brought the information into the twenty-first century by making it available on portable devices through an app. The Particles gives the most up to date information available about particle physics and is a great resource for people at all levels.”


The Particles for the Apple iPad, Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface is available from 14th March for £4.99 / US$7.99 / €5.99.

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What can you store antiprotons in?

Winners will be drawn at random on May 20th and announced on this page.

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