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GCSE Sciences

Science Pathways

GCE AS/A Level Sciences

Your guide to Science – we currently have the following vocational and academic qualifications available for teaching

GCSE / Pathways Sciences specifications

•    GCSE Science A - Students develop their understanding of science and scientific processes

•    GCSE Additional Science - Further develops scientific concepts

•    GCSE Biology / Chemistry / Physics - Three separate GCSE subjects, designed to inspire, motivate and challenge

•    GCSE Science B - Science in the context of life and work

•    GCSE Additional Applied Science - Develops knowledge and skills in vocational contexts

•    Pathways Applied Science (QCF) - Allow learners to explore science in vocationally related contexts Level 1 and 2

•    Level 1 / 2 Award in Applied Science (NQF) – Allow learners to explore science in vocationally related contexts

•    Entry Pathways – Science today

WJEC's approach

To support teachers and inspire learners, we:

•    have minimised unnecessary changes to the content

•    have continued the focus on scientific literacy and scientific working

•    have built on WJEC's strengths, identified by regulators in the GCSE Sciences review of 2011

•    have consulted with teachers, examiners and academic institutions

•    offer both unitised and linear specifications

We have also ensured that our specifications are aligned with KS3 skills development.

Resources and support

We have developed new resources: free, online, interactive Teachers' Guides, with links to a wide range of relevant materials, including tagged examination questions which teachers can use as practice for candidates.

Free resources can be found here

Online exam review can be found here

Specifications and specimen assessment materials can be found here

GCSE Science A, GCSE Additional Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

We have retained existing strengths in our GCSE Sciences specifications, such as the flexibility which enables candidates to change schemes along the way and combine foundation and higher tier units. Alongside this we are aiming to encourage candidates to develop their scientific skills and scientific literacy, recognising the vital importance of this aspect of their science education.

Structure of assessment

The table below illustrates the structure of assessment for Science A, Additional Science and the three separate sciences.


Science in the context of life and work

Science B and Additional Applied Science develop science learning through a variety of themes, such as Exploring Space, Science for Healthy Living and Our Changing World.

Practical skills are given priority, in order to engage a broader range of candidates than the more conventional approach found in Science A.

Pathways Applied Science is available at level 1 and 2. The units build on the KS3 course of study, and can be combined flexibly with WJEC Science qualifications to suit a wide range of students and learning styles.

Entry Pathways is a unitised course which allows centres to devise a programme of study to suit the needs of their lower ability candidates.

GCE AS/A level Sciences and Applied Sciences

WJEC offers GCE AS/A levels in Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Science, Electronics, Geology and Psychology.

All are accompanied by resources including online Teachers’ Guides, which can be found on the relevant subject pages – e.g.


GCSE Science A, Additional Science and separate sciences at GCSE and GCE level

•    Biology Subject Officer Liane Adams 029 2026 5126

•    Chemistry Subject Officer Jonathan Owen 029 2026 5057

•    Physics Subject Officer Helen Francis 029 2026 5081

•    Subject Support Officer Lowri Evans 029 2026 5140

Pathways, GCSE Science B, Applied Science, Additional Applied Science and

Entry Level Science

•    Subject Officer Brian Harris 029 2026 5147

•    Subject Support Officer Sarah Price 029 2026 5103
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