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UCL Neuroscience Competition

On March 18th 2017, UCL Neuroscience Society is organising a neuroscience competition for high school students, the English Brain Bee


The competition aims to teach students about the brain, its structure and function, and to provide an introduction to scientific research as a whole. Students prepare by studying a 60-page booklet available on our website: which covers topics such as sleep, stress, how the senses work, and how we move and think.


We would like to invite your students to take part in our competition. This will be a great opportunity for young pupils to learn about the brain and apply their knowledge, to meet other students interested in science, and find their stepping-stone to their future careers in science.


The competition


The competition will involve a live question-and-answer section with neuroscientists as judges, a neuroanatomy section where students must identify parts of the brain and their function, and a short written quiz. We will also arrange activity booths with small neuroscience-related experiments as well as engaging talks by neuroscientists during the intervals.


We will provide participants with catering on the day. Prizes will be awarded to the top five winners of the competition, and the first-place winner will be invited to participate in the International Brain Bee World Championship ( to be held in Washington D.C., United States.




The Brain Bee organizing team is made up of students from the University College London and the University of Aberdeen. All volunteers at the event have had DBS checks and have completed the necessary safeguarding training provided by the UCL.


For your students to register, they will need to fill out a short online registration form on our website with their parents’ approval slip confirming that their child may attend the event without supervision. Once filled, student will receive a registration packet with the competition program details and study materials.

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