Improving weather forecasts

Inspire school pupils about the importance of atmospheric sciences, current research and the many career opportunities within this fascinating area of science.

High winds and heavy rain are regular features of the British weather, and accurately forecasting these events and where storms will hit is a major priority. 
DIAMET scientists are trying to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts by developing our understanding of how the atmosphere works and behaves. This major research project on storms is an opportunity to engage pupils with concepts like latent heat, change of state and the particle model using atmospheric science and research. Resources suggest pupil investigations using data sets, plotting graphs and drawing conclusions about the meteorological conditions. 

Our Top Pick

Make a cloud

FAAM daimet

Challenge your students to 'make a cloud' in one of several science activities related to the weather.

Curriculum link: Change of state
Resource type: Videos, teacher guidance and pupil activities
Ages: 11-16

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