Longitude Prize - Superbugs

Superbugs is a new mobile game which sees players face off against a major threat to global health

Launched by the Longitude Prize - a five year, £10 million challenge to tackle the issue of antibiotic resistance - Superbugs challenges players to destroy mutant bacteria until new antibiotics can be discovered to replenish humanity’s precious and dwindling supplies. Developed by BAFTA-winning applied games studio Preloaded,Superbugs is a unique game with a purpose as players have to survive against drug-resistant bacteria. Available for mobiles through the App Store and Google Play.

Curriculum links: This game offers upper secondary age students an engaging exploration of antibiotic resistance. It supports the 'Evidence for Evolution' section of GCSE Biology and Combined Science (AQA, OCR Gateway and C21, WJEC and CCEA)

With its petri dish filled with colourful bacterial colonies, the game comes straight from today's headlines: the global rise of superbugs, antibiotic resistant bacteria which can't be killed by the drugs we rely on to fight the infections they cause. It’s estimated that by 2050 bacteria like these could kill up to 10 million people every year, according to a 
recent expert report