Rock pools poster

Gratnells are proud to bring you the Rock Pools poster in partnership with the ASE and SchoolScience

Look out for your FREE A1 Poster which will be sent to all UK primary schools in January 2017 as an insert to the STEM Learning primary magazine! The downloadable A4 version is ideal for pupil use in small groups.

The poster links nicely with the 'Benny the Blenny' website, where you will find a free whiteboard resource that has been designed specifically to enhance the classroom use of the poster. it can also be downloaded as a PDF document should you wish to augment your poster with a display.

Photo courtesy of Teresa Naylor

Teresa Naylor's book, Benny the Blenny’s Shallow Sea Adventure, is available from the ASE bookshop (discounted for ASE members).

Electronic copies of the posters are available now to download here:

  A1 Rock Pool Poster.pdf  (24 MB - Takes a while to download and open!!)

To make your A1 Poster, download this file and print from Acrobat DC or Acrobat Reader selecting the 'Poster' option from the print dialogue box.

  A4 Rock Pool Poster.pdf (7 MB - Also takes a while to download and open!!)

Pond Dipping Kit

Developed by Learning Rooms Outdoor Education expert Dr Katherine Forsey, this kit comes complete with contents that can serve up to 30 children at a time and access to unique teaching materials.The set achieves both English and Scottish curriculum requirements and maximum engagement from children, capturing their imagination and enhancing their learning.

The kit is housed in the new Gratnells SmartCase, a robust water-resistant case which features a convenient carrying handle, making it easy to transport to the outdoor study area and return to school. What's more every SmartCase fits into any furniture that uses Gratnells trays so storage is simple practical and effective.

This kit is exclusive to Philip Harris and the ideal answer to your outdoor educational needs.

  Link to catalogue


Kit 1: Pond Dipping: HJO1436422
Contents per kit: Pond net x 10, Gratnells tray x 10, plastic spoon x 30, observation dish x 30, hand lens x 20, universal lidded tube x 20 – packaged in Gratnells SmartCase™ x 5. All teaching materials including ID charts are available to download. Please note, extreme care needs to be taken when using nets to avoid serious damage to rock pool habitats and their inhabitants.