Help us find SuperYeast!

Calling all beer lovers, microbrewers and bakers, we invite you to compete for the strongest yeast! 


We’re trying to find out what makes some yeast able to withstand more alcohol or sugar than others. By understanding what makes some strains more tolerant we can potentially develop improved strains that may produce stronger beers or wines or be suitable for biofuel production. The first step is to identify a really tolerant strain, and that’s where you come in!

Contact us for a sample kit, fill in an application form and send us your yeast, whether it's from a sour dough starter or a bottle of beer, send it to us free of charge, and we’ll test its alcohol and sugar tolerance. Results will be posted on our online leader board and the provider of the winning yeast will win a prize. 

When we find a strong strain we’ll characterise it and compare it to regular strains to learn how it is able to thrive where others fall. Please email to take part.