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Association for Science Education Technician membership

For just £50 per year, members gain access to:

  • A selection of resources specifically created for science technicians such as Topics in Safety, and The Prep Room Organiser
  • Member discounts of up to 50% on all ASE CPD events, including our annual conference
  • A subscription to the ASE's house magazine: Education in Science
  • Up to 50% off books and pubications sold in the ASE bookshop
  • The opportunity to develop your career by working towards Registered or Chartered status
  • Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000 (subject to T&C’s)
  • Learned Society discount - 30% off your membership of the RSB or IOP (RSC coming soon)


The Registered Science Technician Award (RSciTech) is a registered mark recognising excellence for technicians working in science education. We are licensed by the Science Council to award RSciTech to eligible members.


CLEAPSS resources show teachers and technicians in detail how to translate the ideas into safe and exciting experiences in the classroom. CLEAPSS advice and documentation is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive and the Department for Education.

Royal Society for Chemistry

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The Institute of Physics

IoP support for physicseducation and practical work

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Royal Society of Biology



Gatsby Foundation: Good practical science report (2017)

Our Good Practical Science report has shown that many of the ingredients of good practical science are the ingredients of all good science learning – expert teachers, well-planned lessons and technical support. So, much of what we recommend relates to good science teaching in general. We judge that by world standards, the UK is well equipped with school laboratory facilities, and our benchmarks suggest how to make the best use of them.

Getting practical

Getting Practical was a programme of professional development for teachers of science at primary, secondary and post 16 level with the aim of improving the effectiveness of learning through practical science lessons in 2010-2012. Getting Practical resources are still available (not training) and support teachers, technicians and teaching assistants to improve the effectiveness of practical work through using, tailoring and managing practical science activities to meet whatever purpose the teacher has in mind.

SCORE (Science Community Representing Education) Reports

Press release:  Provision for practical science in schools is seriously lacking (May 2013)
SCORE resourcing school science.pdf

Resourcing Practical Science in Primary Schools (April 2013)
SCORE resourcing primary.pdf

Resourcing Practical Science inSecondary Schools (April 2013)
SCORE resourcing secondary.pdf

Practical Work in Science: A report and proposal for a strategic framework (December 2008)
SCORE The importance of practical work in science.pdf

Benchmarks for Secondary Schools (April 2013)

A list of recommended science department equipment identified in this report in Excel format may be downloaded from the CLEAPSS website:


Gratnells is proud to sponsor the Science Technician of the Year (STOTY) Awards