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Ages 14-16

The Science & Technology of Aerosols

Find out how aerosols work and how they are made. A new resource with full illustrations, videos and animations.

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Latest Resources

  • STEM Challenges from Practical Action
    A range of different STEM challenges that can be both incorporated into your lessons or be used as the basis for an off-timetable day. Perfect for National Science and Engineering Week.
  • Microbiology Online
    Microbiology online has been devised by the Society for General Microbiology. This inspirational online resource supports the teaching and learning of microbiology in the classroom across the key stages. It explores how microbes can be friend and foe and most importantly, why we need these invisible organisms to live.
  • Finding Longitude
    A brief introduction to the main issues of finding longitude at sea, with some experiments to do outdoors.
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