ASE Book of the Year Competition

This Year's Winner: Wildhood


What the judges thought: Wildhood is a very engaging, readable and meticulously researched book that provides an insight not just into human adolescent behaviour, but also how such behaviours can be found in a wide range of animal species. The book provides a new and innovative view of risky behaviours, why they happen and how they contribute to a natural phase of growing up. The finding that such behaviours can be observed in a wide range of species simply adds to our understanding of the pathway from child to adult we all take. This is a book that would be of interest to parents, teachers and anyone interested in human behaviour. Secondary teachers in particular should read this book, as a primer on behaviour management. Any parent with a teenager or child soon to become a teenager should also read this book to understand what innate traits adolescents have that drive their various, sometimes incomprehensible, addictive, dangerous behaviours. For ages 14+ and adults.

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This Year's Highly Commended: Do You Love Bugs?


What the judges thought: Where would we be without creepy crawlies and bugs? This lovely illustrated book provides an insight into the lives of various bugs from stick insects to worms, ants, beetles and other common bugs. There are plenty of facts and interesting things to learn about, from ‘farting’ stick insects to hibernating bees. It’s pitched at just the right level and provides enough ‘eww’ moments to please most children. It’s central premise, that insects, bugs and beetles play a vital part in our ecosystems, is an important teaching point. Rather that stamp on an ant or squish a worm, we must respect them and treat them with care. It’s a great book to add to any primary library. For children aged 5-11.

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