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Ages 11-14

Solar Data Projects

Each of these projects is intended for work with top KS3 and KS4 students and:

  •     uses and/or links to REAL solar space data
  •     provides a context for consideration of ’How Science Works’ aspects such as data handling, calibration and resolution
  •     consists of two or more student activities, with separate supporting notes (and sample answers) for teachers.
  •     is linked to pages on the Sun|trek website (

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Latest Resources

  • NRICH enriching mathematics
    Try the brilliant NRICH site to develop your maths skills. Explore, question, notice, discuss.

  • Metlink
    Learning resources about the weather for all age groups.
    Metlink is the educational site of the Royal Meteorological Society.

  • UK Ladybird Survey
    The UK Ladybird Survey site can be used in school and at home. Together with apps from Bristol University they give children a powerful set of tools to find out about ladybirds and contribute to real science.
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