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Ages 11-14

Solar Data Projects

Each of these projects is intended for work with top KS3 and KS4 students and:

  •     uses and/or links to REAL solar space data
  •     provides a context for consideration of ’How Science Works’ aspects such as data handling, calibration and resolution
  •     consists of two or more student activities, with separate supporting notes (and sample answers) for teachers.
  •     is linked to pages on the Sun|trek website (

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Latest Resources

  • Microbiology Online
    Microbiology online has been devised by the Society for General Microbiology. This inspirational online resource supports the teaching and learning of microbiology in the classroom across the key stages. It explores how microbes can be friend and foe and most importantly, why we need these invisible organisms to live.

  • Metlink
    Learning resources about the weather for all age groups.
    Metlink is the educational site of the Royal Meteorological Society.

  • Finding Longitude
    An introduction to the history of measuring longitude at sea, with some simple experiments to do outdoors.
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