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New Activity: Visualising the Invisible

Using real hospital data, students can learn about healthcare associated infections and how we can reduce them.
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Why You'll Never Catch Smallpox

The Association for Science Education has teamed up with James Films, supported by the Wellcome Trust to bring you resources to support primary science. In this excellent set of resources, pupils learn about different aspects of Jenner's work with smallpox by using cross curricular approaches.
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Pinking Lettuce

A new and exciting set of resources for exploring food science. These include lesson plans and activities to  support pupil investigations into the factors which affect how rapidly iceberg lettuce 'pinks', microbial growth and antibiotic resistance. These add to existing resources exploring yoghurt and the effect of pH on the activity of yeast.
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Copper Development Association

The immensely popular resources from the Copper Development Association have now been updated and are available to download as interactive PDF files giving you the flexibility to use them on tablets and laptops, or download and print them. They give a fascinating insight to the importance of copper in society.
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Latest Resources

  • CFA Latest resources image
    Latest resources from Chilled Education

    The new resources from the Chilled Food Association are now available, completing the suite of five lessons. The newer lessons explore the process of lettuce 'pinking',  microbial growth simulations and antibiotic resistance.
  • Copper Alloys in Aquaculture
    Aquaculture is a $100 billion global industry that supplies almost half the world's demand for fish and is the fastest growing animal-food producing sector worldwide. Copper alloys inherently resist biofouling, without any special treatments or additions.

    Amazing Engineering of Aerosols
    This educational resource shows how science is applied in the manufacture and use of aerosols. It is suitable for students aged 14-19.

  • ABPI Mushroom
    How do enzymes work?
    Enzymes control the metabolism of every cell and catalyse a wide range of reactions. These include photosynthesis and respiration on which all life depends. Find out about the properties of enzymes and how they are used.


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