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Exxon resources still our most visited

The Captain and Fawley tours still top our most viewed resources list. When a real visit is impossible, a virtual one is the next best thing.

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Sand Dune Concept Cartoons

Science and geography concepts from Millgate House. Free sample pages to download.

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Making a Smart Tunnel

How do you build a tunnel right under another one in the centre of London?
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Images with Impact Photo Competition

BBSRC launches Images with Impact: the Great British Bioscience Image Competition, seeking the best images that showcase UK bioscience and its importance in everyday life. 16+ students can enter.

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NERC YouTube Channel

Subscribe to the NERC YouTube channel for access to all NERC channels including the British Antarctic Survey and British Geological Survey channels.
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Latest Resources

    Royal Society 'Vision' report published

    "The ability of people to understand the world in which they live and work increasingly depends on their understanding of scientific ideas and associated technologies and social questions. For most people such understanding will come mainly through education."
    Sir Paul Nurse, President of the Royal Society
  • Big Bumblebee Discovery
    The Big Bumblebee Discovery is an experiment which involves observing bees and their behaviour. We need as many young people as possible from across the UK to join in and share their findings – a method called Citizen Science where masses of people act as scientists by gathering data.
  • 100 Years of Crystallography
    A short animated history from Max von Laue to Diamond Light. Also a link to an inspiring Royal Institution lecture by Stephen Curry.
  • IET Faraday Careers Packs
    Careers packs, challenge days, free teaching resources-all on the IET Faraday pages.

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