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Isotopes reveal human and chicken status

A unique new learning resource created by Schoolscience with AHRC funded researchers, covering molecular and isotopic analysis in archaeology. Suitable for ages 15+

Image: Naomi Sykes
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Curious About Copper Poster Competition 2015

Design an A3 poster about copper in health and medicine, electronics and communication or architecture and design.

Image-Mika Huisman

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Isaac Physics

A new website to support GCSE to A Level Physics, created by the Rutherford Physics Partnership.
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Salters' Festivals of Chemistry

Entries open NOW for these one day chemistry events held at universities in the UK and Ireland.
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Chemistry of Life

First in a new series of interactive resources from abpi that guides you from simple chemical bonds to complex macromolecules with clear animated diagrams.
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Latest Resources

  • Animals and Archaeology

    A new resource for 16+ students on the science behind modern archaeology, with engaging examples of how isotopes help unravel mysteries of the past. With detailed teacher notes. Based on the work of AHRC funded researchers.


  • Longitude Explorer Prize

    Win £25k for your school in this challenge about applications of satellite technology.

  • The Science & Technology of Aerosols
    What makes aerosols work and how are they made? Find out with this new resource, complete with videos and animations. From ski wax to asthma inhalers, this resource covers the science involved, including pressure, the gas laws and resistance welding.
  • IET Faraday Careers Packs
    Careers packs, challenge days, free teaching resources-all on the IET Faraday pages.

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