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Schoolscience provides free learning resources, information and news for science education worldwide.

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Timstar support for
A Level practical work

Timstar are proud to publish support documents promoting and supporting purposeful A Level practical work

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The Great Bug Hunt 2016 is on!

This is a great competition for primary schools to get pupils using the outdoor classroom. Simply identify a local habitat, and explore and discover the bugs that live there.
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Microbiology + Biochemistry = Food!

This new set of exciting resources demonstrates scientific principles using food as a material: standard form maths and Lactobacillus, atmospheric gases and lettuce pinking, pH and yeast growth, microbial modelling and genetic adaptation.

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Copper Development Association

The immensely popular resources from the Copper Development Association have now been updated and are available to download as interactive PDF files and give a fascinating insight to the importance of copper in society.
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Latest Resources

  • Teaching Personnel

    Teaching Personnel is the UK’s leading education recruitment agency.  Since 1996 we have registered hundreds of thousands of teachers and classroom support staff who have chosen us to help them find work in UK classrooms.


  • Antibiotic Apocalyse
    To support teaching about antibiotic resistance, check out the innovative short film, Antibiotic Apocalypse. The film was created by an interdisciplinary team from  UCL (Dr Adam Roberts) and University of Glasgow (Dr Daniel Walker).


  • The BBC micro:bit

    Philip Harris is really excited to be working with the BBC to deliver their brand new BBC micro:bit to your door.

    All Year 7 pupils (or equivalent) across the UK are entitled to this pocket-sized codeable computer to use in school and at home.

    The BBC micro:bit has loads of great features including Bluetooth.
  • Why you'll never catch smallpox
    Transport your pupils back to a time when smallpox stalked the world and introduce them to Dr Jenner, James Phipps and the experiment that probably saved their lives. In this excellent set of resources, pupils learn about different aspects of Jenner's work with smallpox by using cross curricular approaches.

    Research Focus
    Research is an integral part of science. These free resources help embed real world research in the classroom so that students gain a better understanding of how science works.


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