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Prehistoric Puppets and Models

Downloadable 3D models of Styracosaurus and his mates from the British Geological Survey.

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Big Telescopes Poster from STFC

A magnificent A2 double sided poster available free from STFC. See the world's largest and latest telescopes and the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum they search.

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myVolcano app

The free myVolcano app from the British Geological Survey and The Smithsonian Institution puts the world's volcanoes in your pocket. Astounding information and graphics for iPhone and iPad.
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Image: Parco Dell'Etna

Operation Tokamak

Download this free Apple or Android app to control your own fusion reactor. 

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Copper Poster Competition 2014

The 2014 competition invites you to create a poster that highlights the essential role copper plays in our lives.‘This is a great opportunity for all students to explore the impact of science on everyday life.
Copper Poster Competition 2014

Latest Resources

  • diamet radar
    Diamet for Schools
    The atmosphere, weather and climate change are also relevant and topical contexts to engage young people about a variety of scientific processes taught within the school science curriculum. The project website provides information, resources and activities to support teachers in the delivery of a range of content within Science Key Stages 3 and 4. 
  • Big Bumblebee Discovery
    The Big Bumblebee Discovery is an experiment which involves observing bees and their behaviour. We need as many young people as possible from across the UK to join in and share their findings – a method called Citizen Science where masses of people act as scientists by gathering data.
  • 100 Years of Crystallography
    A short animated history from Max von Laue to Diamond Light. Also a link to an inspiring Royal Institution lecture by Stephen Curry.
  • Have you seen what's new on the Social Science for Schools Site?
    Follow their new twiiter account @SocialSciSchool

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