Break codes like a spy!

At GCHQ, we love creating puzzles and breaking codes. That’s why every year we create the GCHQ Christmas Challenge, a series of fiendish brainteasers and puzzles, designed by our very own team of code breakers. It encourages children aged 11-18 to think laterally and work as a team, as well as showcasing some of the skills they might need to become a spy. 


Reckon you’ve got what it takes to break the code? Our Christmas Challenge also goes live to the general public on 14 December.  


Or do you know a school or an 11-18 year old who might like to take part? Schools can sign up now;  


Good luck! 


About GCHQ 

GCHQ is one of the three UK Intelligence and Security Agencies, along with MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). GCHQ protects the UK and its citizens from individuals, groups and countries who wish to do us harm, or damage us financially. Find out more about our mission;