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New Activity: Macaques and malaria

Malaria is a disease affecting countries all around the world. This classroom activity is based on new research to help understand the spread of the disease in Borneo and gets students using real-world survey data.
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Pinking Lettuce

A new and exciting set of resources for exploring food science. These include lesson plans and activities to  support pupil investigations into the factors which affect how rapidly iceberg lettuce 'pinks', microbial growth and antibiotic resistance. These add to existing resources exploring yoghurt and the effect of pH on the activity of yeast.
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Autism - Copyright Radlett Lodge School

SEND Resources for Teachers

This guide from ASE, written by teachers, offers valuable strategies to use with SEND students.
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ASE Annual Conference

Practical Inspiration for Science Teaching and Learning

ASE Annual Conference hosts over 400 CPD science education sessions presented by teachers, leading scientists and researchers.
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Latest Resources

  • CFA Latest resources image
    Latest resources from Chilled Education

    The new resources from the Chilled Food Association are now available, completing the suite of five lessons. The newer lessons explore the process of lettuce 'pinking',  microbial growth simulations and antibiotic resistance.
  • Stock Practical Science Peerswork
    COMING SOONNew Curriculum Support Resources 
    New activities from ASE and Timstar that highlight opportunities for practical and investigative science from KS3-KS5.

    Amazing Engineering of Aerosols
    This educational resource shows how science is applied in the manufacture and use of aerosols. It is suitable for students aged 14-19.

  • ABPI Mushroom
    How do enzymes work?
    Enzymes control the metabolism of every cell and catalyse a wide range of reactions. These include photosynthesis and respiration on which all life depends. Find out about the properties of enzymes and how they are used.


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