Aerosols have many uses


1. Make a list of the products that can be delivered by aerosols. Are there any of these that would be difficult or wasteful to use in another type of container?

2. What advantages does an aerosol have for the lubricant spray in the food factory?


1.There are over 2000 aerosol products on sale, but here are just some:
Oil, cooking oil, dry shampoo (rice starch), hairspray (resins), antiperspirant (aluminium compounds), polish (wax in a solvent), antiseptics, insecticides, paint, dye, air freshener, cleaners (solvents and detergents), ski wax, glues, fungicides,animal markers,whipped cream, mustard..... Did you get more?

2. Edible oils will be attacked by microbes, oxygen and light. The oil would go rancid in an open container and then transfer contaminants and microbes in the factory. The aerosol keeps the oil "hermetically sealed". This means airtight. The one way valve means nothing can get into the can.


The product in this dry shampoo can is rice starch. You can find out how it is made in the section on making cans.