Filling 1.54 Billion Aerosol Cans Answers Page


1. How many aerosol cans are filled in the UK every second?

2. Why are the propellant gassing houses fitted with loose roofs and wall panels?

3. Why is a gassing machine using nitrogen or CO2 allowed to operate in the main factory building?

4. Where would you put gas sensors in the factory to detect propane and butane?


1. On average it is around 49 (1,540,000,000 / 365 / 24 / 60 / 60 )

2. If an explosion occurred, the pressure and flame would otherwise be forced into the main building. By letting the roof and doors blow out, the pressure does not rise to dangerous levels.

3. Nitrogen and CO2 are inert gases. They will not cause an explosion or a fire. The gassing machines can fill nitrogen at up to 16 bar so a protective cabinet is placed around the machine. 16 bar is about five times higher than a car tyre pressure.

4. Propane and butane are heavier than air and any gas will sink to the floor. Sensors are place near the floor for that reason.