Be Safe!

Be Safe 4th Edition (ISBN: 9780863574269)


The ONLY publication that gives advice on practical science and technology in primary schools across the UK.

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An indispensable and bestselling resource – every primary school needs at least one copy!

This 4th edition of the essential handbook Be Safe! builds firmly on the previous edition but places more emphasis on using science and technology to teach health and safety. There are new sections on under-5s, primary/secondary liaison and advice for schools with access to more specialist facilities. The section on science outside the classroom has been expanded, as has the section on making things, which now includes work on textiles and ceramics. The section on electricity has been re-written.

*advice on risk assessment l food hygiene
* studies outside the classroom l advice on making things safely
*safe use of chemicals, animals and plants l managing health and safety

Be Safe! is also available in Welsh in pdf format.


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