Clean Tech Competition


The Clean Tech Competition is a research and design challenge for pre-college youth that builds on sound scientific understanding of real-world issues and the integration of science, English/language arts, mathematics, technology, the arts, and the design process.


The mission of the program is to inspire all students toward achievement and make them aware of the impact of science and technology on the 21st century world. The competition is designed to foster a deeper understanding of science and technology, recognize outstanding talent, and prepare the next generation of globally competitive innovators.
The competition aims to:

  •     engage youth in addressing real-world problems
  •     involve youth in combining critical thinking, problem solving, science, and technology skills in an interactive, collaborative, student-centered environment that fosters student learning
  •     reinforce trends in global education standards towards project-based learning
  •     inform youth about the role clean technology can play in ensuring a brighter future
  •     provide a forum for students to share ideas and increase student awareness to reinforce the necessity for global collaboration in addressing technology issues, and
  •     connect youth to science and technology professionals and gain an understanding of how they think and work

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