CREST Awards



CREST is a scheme that provides student-led project work in the STEM subjects. It is aimed at young people aged 5-19, and gives them a chance to choose their own subject and methodology when completing a hands-on investigation. CREST can help to develop students' communication, problem solving and teamwork skills by addressing a real-world challenge. The scheme provides activities and project ideas for a range of ages, group size and abilities. CREST is assessed and moderated via a network of industry experts from the STEM and education sectors. It has been running since 1986 and sees tens of thousands of young people taking part each year.


What’s more, it offers educators an easy-to-run framework for curriculum enhancement and is totally student-led, which means that young people take ownership of their projects and choose to undertake them in areas they enjoy or see as relevant. This allows young people to explore subjects that they might not necessarily encounter in the classroom, giving them a broader perspective and helping them to develop an independent approach to scientific enquiry.


From off-the-shelf, one-hour long challenges through to large-scale, student-led projects of over 70 hours work or more, CREST can be done by anyone. CREST Awards receive recognition not only from universities, but employers too because undertaking them shows a willingness to be independent, enthusiastic and self-motivated. In this respect, CREST awards can be used by students to enhance their UCAS personal statements to or make a CV stand out.

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