Exploring the First Electrical Houses

Exploring the First Electrical Houses: the Story of Electricity in the Home

This exciting new resource encourages pupils to take a virtual tour around rooms in three historic houses, each with their own guide character.


In every room pupils encounter a question about electricity, which is answered by the guide character in an accompanying video.



Whilst learning about science, pupils will also be prompted to engage with historical questions: who first used electrical technologies in their homes and why?  What did different people think about the benefits and risks of domestic electricity?  These questions introduce themes of gender and class which can be expanded upon as part of learning about social history. 



The resource’s focus on domestic spaces also highlights the issue of how well new technologies fit aesthetically, as well as practically, into everyday home life. This enables discussion about design, materials and crafts.


The science content is linked to curriculum requirements at both Year 4 and Year 6 levels, while the interactive resource can be used either in the classroom as a group exercise, or at home as an independent learning assignment. 



Mrs. Beale explains why the family at Standen still used candles in the Dining Room even though they had electricity


The interactive is now available at  https://www.electrifyingthecountryhouse.org/wp-content/plugins/etch-ks2-interactive/html/index.html



To read more about the resource, see the About page>>   https://www.electrifyingthecountryhouse.org/wp-content/plugins/etch-ks2-interactive/html/about.html


For information on how to use the interactive, see the Notes for teachers>> http://www.electrifyingthecountryhouse.org/ks2interactive/resources/exploring-the-first-electrical-houses-notes-for-teachers.pdf


The resource also includes a number of accompanying activites for teachers to use alongside the interactive, such as a circuit component worksheet, a history of electricity timeline, and character cards for a drama activity. Accompanying activities>> http://www.electrifyingthecountryhouse.org/ks2interactive/teachers-resources.html]


There is also a page on the project website which links to it, and includes a link to read blog posts regarding the development of the interactive: http://www.electrifyingthecountryhouse.org/online-interactive-learning-resource/



For more information, please contact the ‘Electrifying the Country House’ projectlead, Professor Graeme Gooday G.J.N.Gooday@leeds.ac.uk