Gratnells Fetured Products

Callero Shield Antimicrobial Treble Trolley with Shallow Trays

 The Callero Shield trolleys are antimicrobial as they are treated with BioCote® antibacterial additive. This means bacteria and viruses cannot spread on the surfaces and you need no longer solely rely on continual cleaning to guard against infection.

You will have built in anti-microbial protection from MRSA and ecoli
as well as other infections. The antimicrobial trays are available in translucent or kiwi green tint and are widely used in the NHS as well as being fully compatible with Gratnells school storage range.
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Antimicrobial Trays

Gratnells Antimicrobial trays are also available to buy separately.
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Gratnells Learnometer

The Learnometer is designed in association with Professor Stephen Heppell and his research team and has been created specifically for education. Gratnells Learnometer enables you to comprehensively monitor your learning environment and improve learning outcomes.  It tracks the seven key factors that determine air quality: temperature, humidity, light, sound levels, carbon dioxide (CO2), chemicals (VOCs), and dust (PM2.5). It has a touch sensitive and fully customizable display, with an 8-hour battery backup.

It can be used to constantly monitor your classroom air quality, and connects to your wireless network so you can access the data and manage it remotely.  The Learnometer data contributes to Professor Heppell's ongoing classroom environment research project.
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MakerHub Trolley

The Gratnells MakerHub is a multi-functional resource trolley that promotes collaborative working in STEAM activities in the classroom. Standard sized boards (600 x 900mm) are instantly interchangeable – simply lift up and draw down to remove. Change between magnetic whiteboards, chalkboards and pin boards to suit your classroom activities and age group. For added security, all standard boards are held safely in place between steel guides at the top of the frame and special stoppers on the recessed shelf.

Compact Single Trolley Set

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Part of the Compact Medical Range from Gratnells designed to fit in smaller spaces than our Classic Range.

Trays and trolley are treated with BioCote® antimicrobial protection for infection control.  Ideal wherever you need compact, hygienic, medical storage.
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