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Watch people telling their career stories through video in their own words

School isn’t just about lessons in the classroom and passing exams, it’s about equipping young people with the skills they need to be independent, successful and happy in the future. Good careers advice that students find relevant and interesting isn’t  always easy to find and perhaps your students need help to decide if they want to take science subjects at GCSE or A-Level, so why not inspire them by exploring some of the career paths that sciences can lead to?


Science teachers are using icould as a way of making the leap from classroom learning to the world of work and careers.icould features over a thousand videos of people telling their personal career stories in their own words.


From a Space Scientist who learnt how to deal with dyslexia at school, to Technicians, Research and Development Managers, Engineers, Doctors, Ecologists and more, here are some tips on how icould’s videos can help you engage young people in seeing science subjects as a key to their future career.


In our science category, our storytellers provide firsthand accounts of what it's like to work in a wide variety of jobs, and share their real-life routes to their current roles.