Incredible You

Find out about yourself, get inspired and discover how pathologists help us


Add colour, relax and reveal the intricate structures and patterns of life. These free colouring-in resources explore the surprising beauty of your body at a tiny scale, and are suitable for all ages. Developed by science-based artist, Dr Lizzie Burns, with expert input from our members, Incredible You offers the chance to explore all 17 pathology specialties – there is at least one illustration, plus supporting information, for each.

We encourage anyone who is running a pathology-themed event to have a look through this collection of illustrations and consider using them as part of your activities – they can offer something complementary but also more reflective alongside ‘busy’ and ‘interactive’ activities. You can have some really in-depth discussions with participants about your work while they colour in the illustrations, and people will love taking home their colourful designs and sharing them on social media.

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