Visualising the Invisible

Big Research Question: How can hand touch data help to reduce healthcare associated infections?


Using their own understanding of the communication of disease and real life hospital data, students can consider how an understanding of hand touch patterns may be used to reduce healthcare associated infections.

Curriculum key words: pathogen, bacteria, virus, infection, communicable disease
Resource type: Lesson activity including presentation slides, student sheets, teacher notes and useful weblinks.
Ages: 14-18



Featured Researcher: Microbiologist, Dr Stephanie Dancer tell us about her research in hospital outbreaks.

How to use this resource

at the start of a topic to …
  • engage students in a real life context relating to current research
  • to find out what students already know 
  • consolidate existing understanding

at the end of a topic to…
  • assess student understanding by challenging students to apply their learning to a new context
  • to provide a contemporary example of how scientists are pushing the boundaries in understanding a subject area further
  • add depth and challenge

within a topic to …
  • enhance students’ confidence in the analysis of data by providing the opportunity to work with data types beyond those obtained in the school laboratory
  • assess student understanding of specific aspects of working with data (working scientifically by applying their understanding in a new context)

  • as an independent learning activity 

  • to promote careers in STEM and show the varied work of scientists

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