It's not fair - or is it?

It's Not Fair - or is it? (ISBN 9780956264602)

The 2014 National Curriculum Programme of Study for primary science in England includes most of the topics that primary teachers are familiar with. However, in the science enquiry section the changes are much more far-reaching. Science enquiry has been renamed as ‘working scientifically’ and is integrated with developing children’s ideas, where the purpose of working scientifically is for children to answer scientific questions.

It’s Not Fair- or is it? has been incredibly well received in the UK and beyond. In very clear and accessible language this book sets out different approaches to working scientifically in a variety of topics at four different age ranges. It includes possible starting points for enquiry, explains how to organise enquiry in the classroom and shows suitable examples of children’s work.

It’s Not Fair – or is it? is a really practical guide to support teachers in their teaching of science enquiry skills. It's Not Fair tells you exactly what you need to know for teaching the 2014 primary science curriculum.

This book describes different types of science enquiry, how they help with developing scientific understanding and how children’s scientific enquiry skills develop. It will help you to broaden the range of science enquiries that your children experience.

It is for all primary teachers and student teachers who want to know more about science enquiry and how to make it purposeful, and for subject leaders who want to lead science effectively in their schools.

Each chapter contains:
• information about each type of enquiry
• a wealth of starting point ideas
• engaging activities for children from Foundation Stage
to the end of primary
• progression grids
• suggestions for assessment evidence.

Written and edited by Jane Turner, Brenda Keogh, Stuart Naylor and Liz Lawrence

With contributions from The ASE Primary Science Committee

A partnership publication from the Association for Science Education and Millgate House Education

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