Johnson Matthey Catalysts

Catalysts are big business. The chemical industry depends upon catalysts. We depend upon the chemical industry for our 21st century life style. We depend on catalysts.

Staggering statistics

80% of processes in the chemical industry use catalysts. Catalyst sales in 2005 were estimated to be worth around US$11 billion. Growth in catalyst sales is estimated to be increasing at about 4.5% per year. In excess of US$3 trillion in goods and services in world-wide Gross Domestic Product annually can be attributed to catalysts. The conversion of coal or natural gas to anything uses a catalyst.

What do they do for the chemical industry?

Catalysts have an enormous impact on the chemical industry because they:

  •     enable reactions to take place
  •     make processes more efficient
  •     a 0.5% to 1% increase in selectivity can lead to a up to 1 million dollar increase in operating profit
  •     make processes environmentally friendly

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