Look At Me Now campaign

IET have just launched their brand new Look At Me Now campaign


Look at Me Now features real life engineers. It looks at the importance and impact of role models on the next generation by profiling STEM professionals. The campaign looks at what their influences were as children and how this shaped them into the individuals they are today.

This campaign uses real life examples to present viable career paths for the future innovators of the world. As well as highlighting toys and hobbies that were enjoyed at a young age we show how these could lead to a successful engineering career.


The campaign seeks to inspire the next generation by creating a conversation about the many career options for children who want to progress in a STEM career. The case studies highlight real life experience and the ways in which we can encourage children to pursue a meaningful career in engineering and technology. We continue to strive to inspire the next generation and find a solution to the ongoing skills shortage we are facing within the engineering industry.



Look at me now: https://education.theiet.org/campaigns/look-at-me-now


Our stories: https://education.theiet.org/campaigns/look-at-me-now/our-stories/


Activities for children: https://education.theiet.org/campaigns/look-at-me-now/activities-for-children/