Making Movies

Making Movies!
(enrichment activity)
2 hours plus film making
ENGLISH, Drama, Science

Key questions

What are the difference between a film and a play?
What different roles are needed to make a movie?

Activity overview

Children learn about some of the main creative and technical roles that go into making a film, and use the JAMES film to explore some key creative techniques such as music and basic camera angles. They draw on their learning in this activity and their scientific understanding to write and film a new scene for the JAMES film.

Download the resource
Making Movies! - teacher guidance.docx
Making Movies! - JAMES script extract.pdf
Making Movies! - screenwriting tips.pptx
Making Movies! - storyboard template.pdf
Making Movies! - teacher presentation.pptx
Making Movies! - storyboard template.pptx
Making Movies (all).zip


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