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#LockdownLearning: Inspiring children about British farming

British farmers are vital to our everyday lives. Farmers up and down the country are working around the clock to feed the nation and care for the beautiful British countryside.


Teaming up with EatFarmNow, #LockdownLearning brings the world of food and farming and the joy of being out on the farm and in the countryside to the comfort of your own home during the current lockdown.

Our projects are fun and engaging while teaching your children some of the science and technology skills they might be missing at school. Acivities include:

  • Design and make a seed propagator
  • Become a plant expert
  • Let's get growing:
  • Make a poultry puppet
  • Happy, healthy hens
  • Life cycles
  • Design a tractor of the future


 Visit the NFU's #LockdownLeaning page.