Ohaus Guardian 3000 hotplate - stirrer

Offer to ASE Members


The Ohaus Guardian 3000™ hotplate - stirrer has been awarded the ASE Green Tick. 

Timstar is pleased to offer ASE members a 12.5% discount off the Ohaus Guardian 3000™ and the optional temperature probe for all orders placed before 28/02/2022.

Please use the offer code ASEGUARDIAN upon checkout. Follow this link for the products included in the offer https://eu1.hubs.ly/H02f9P00

A hotplate stirrer is an important piece of kit to aid a laboratory technician’s daily work. For it to be useful, it must be reliable, robust and easy to use. The Ohaus Guardian 3000™ hotplate stirrer is just the product, having recently been awarded the ASE Green Tick.  The unit comes with an optional temperature probe which further improves its performance.

The ASE stated ‘The fact that it will heat to a specific temperature and then maintain it is a great feature, and one that would be very useful for the busy lab tech.’

The Guardian 3000™ features a bright LCD display with easy-to-read temperature and speed settings, and intuitive icons. The Guardian 3000™ has a large, easy to clean, ceramic heating plate, (178 mm square), stirs from 80 to 1600 rpm and offers a temperature range up to 500°C. Safety features include a hot top indicator light to protect the user; green indicator lights illuminate when unit is heating and stirring.