Online physics courses for non-specialists

Saturday morning sessions from January to July 2023

This series of modules aims to support non-specialist, early career and trainee teachers with physics teaching to Key Stage 4. It will be delivered by experienced trainers from Physics Partners working in partnership with the ASE. Each module is a 3-hour Saturday session and will focus on one topic.

The overarching aim is to improve participants’ confidence in teaching physics. The course will cover common physics misconceptions, pedagogical content knowledge and a structured approach to tackling GCSE level examination questions. Novel teaching approaches will be also introduced as well as relevant online resources, including the ASE’s Concept Cartoons, a valuable learning resource used by many teachers in physics lessons, which are available at discounted rates for course delegates.

  • 14 January - Electricity
  • 28 January - Forces
  • 25 February - Energy
  • 25 March - Waves
  • 22 April - Electromagnetism
  • 29 April - Earth & Space
  • 13 May - Numeracy in Physics
  • 10 June - Radioactivity
  • 25 June - GCSE Required Practicals
  • 8 July - Thermal Physics and Matter

  • As a special offer, those booking the whole series before it starts can benefit from a 20% reduction!

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