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In Bangladesh, Practical Action has trained women to keep ducks instead of goats to provide food for their families and to sell.  Unlike goats ducks are not affected when it floods.

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Images from Practical Action's projects around the world, helping poor people use technology to improve their lives. All images can be used by teachers and students for educational purposes.  Each image is embedded in a word doc so it is easy for students and teachers to cut and paste and comes with a brief description.  Our video gallery – a range of videos covering topics such as climate change, food and agriculture, flooding.

The image categories are Energy, Farming, Recycling, Transport, Technology justice, Global Goal, Water and sanitation, Plants, Climate change, Costume and STEM.

These images are ideal for stimulating discussion in science topics for students of all ages. They are also very useful for student project work.

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Practical Action Schools produce FREE resources for primary and secondary teachers that help pupils understand and engage with global issues, focusing on the role of STEM and using examples from our organisation. Practical Action is an international development organisation putting ingenious ideas to work so people in poverty can change their world.