Richard III and the Isotope Story

Big Research Question: What can isotope analysis find out about Richard III's lifestyle?

Richard III

What can isotope analysis tell us about the diet of our ancestors? What else does this reveal about where they lived? What did scientists discover about Richard III’s lifestyle both before and after becoming King?

Whilst using this activity teachers may wish to show students the original research paper and use this to illustrate how scientists share their research and discuss the need for peer review before publication. This supports coverage of Working Scientifically (England).

Curriculum key words: isotopes, relative atomic mass, proton, neutron, peer review
Resource type: Lesson activity including presentation slides, student sheets, teacher notes and useful weblinks.
Ages: 14-18



Featured Researcher: Read about Dr Angela Lamb's work as Isotope Geochemist and what attracted her to a career in research.

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Thank you to Dr Angela Lamb from the NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory for her involvement in the development of this resource.