Royal Institution Lectures 2023

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You're in for a treat this week at the Ri!

We've got four fascinating talks coming up in our Theatre and at home.

Our expert speakers are ready to take you on a journey of discovery, with talks covering the science of the brain, mathematics, plastics and the impact of living amongst deadly predators. 

Monday 30th January: We kick off the week in our Theatre with neuroscientist Dean Burnett. Over the course of the evening he will explore the science of emotion, uncovering how, far from holding us back, our emotions make us who we are. 

Tuesday 31st January: We're joined by former Christmas Lecturer Tony Ryan as he explains how systems-based approaches can solve the problem of plastics in the environment. How it is still possible for us to utilise this material if we solve the problems that arise not from its use, but its misuse. 

Wednesday 1st February: Join us online for our Livestream across space with Manil Suri. Manil will uncover the mysteries of the Universe and how we could create a Universe of our own using mathematics. 

Thursday 2nd February: We delve into the deadly balance between predators and people with biologist Adam Hart. Adam will explore our complex relationship with these potentially deadly neighbours. 

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