RSPB Wild Challenges

ASE has teamed up with the RSPB to add curriculum context to a really Wild Challenge!

Our educational experts have gone through the excellent Wild Challenge resources, to create a series of fact-sheets designed to help fellow teachers put each challenge into a curriculum context...

Using the natural environment when teaching is an important part of science education and something the ASE strongly advocates, which is why we're proud to support the RSPB's great Wild Challenge Award, and have been working with the nation's largest nature conservation charity to help teachers embrace the initiative.

The RSPB Wild Challenge Award urges children to explore their local environment (safely, of course) by issuing a series of simple challenges that have been designed to teach them about nature. Children are encouraged to work through the activities to earn "awards", in order to complete each activity and move a step closer to getting your award, you need to submit some confirmation to show that you've done it. This could be a photo, a drawing, a video, even a piece of writing, showing or describing their adventure.

Visit the ASE page to Take the Wild Challenge