Science and Food Safety

Science and Food Safety is a series of free to use lesson plans, teacher notes, homework and practical sheets matching the KS 3-4 curriculum. These have been written by Sam Holyman of Bablake School in Coventry and Kat Stuart from Myton School in Warwick

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SET 1. The effect of pH on yeast activity in fruit juice

Investigating pH and Soft_Drinks Lesson Plan.pdf

Investigating pH and Soft Drinks Student Practical Sheet.pdf

Food_Spoilage_HWK and Teacher_Notes.pdf


SET 2. Microbes in yoghurt

Yoghurt Lesson Plan.pdf



Microbes in yoghurt.ppt

SET 3: Investigating the pinking of lettuce

Investigating Lettuce Pinking Lesson  Plan.pdf
Investigating Lettuce Pinking Practical and Teachers Notes.pdf

Lettuce Pinking.ppt 

Lettuce Pinking_HWK and Teachers Notes.pdf

SET 4: Modelling microbial growth


Modelling Microbe Growth Student Practical Sheet.pdf
Modelling Microbial Growth.ppt

SET 5: Species variation and genetic adaptation