The Royal Institution (Ri) Mathematics Programme






The Royal Institution (Ri) Mathematics Programme offers a range of activities for young people, enabling learners to experience mathematics from new and imaginative viewpoints. The mainstay of our programme are masterclasses that engage students with the wider mathematical landscape through investigations and hands-on activities. Recently we have been developing trans-disciplinary masterclasses (M in STEM and beyond) exploring mathematics in art, design, engineering and science.

Resource packs to help teachers integrate masterclass activities in their practice are available via the Education section (or search for ‘engaging mathematics’) at . More activities will follow the initial packs, for Key Stages 2 and 3, on Platonic Solids, Calculating Colours, Buckyballs, ... .


The Ri was founded in 1799 to ‘diffuse science for the common purposes of life’. It is here that Michael Faraday developed the first electric motor and generator and initiated the celebrated Christmas Lectures. Our science and mathematics offerings for young people and their teachers include the Christmas Lectures, Science for Schools demonstration-lectures, related webcasts, interactive resources and games, our newly launched Young Scientist Centre and a reinvigorated and expanded museum highlighting research carried out at our central London premises. To learn more, please visit or email .