Royal Society of Chemistry

The RSC is the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences. It has a longstanding reputation for providing innovative and up to date support material for schools and colleges teachers and students in the UK, and is continually developing easily accessible resources to help meet the needs of changing curricula and provide inspiration in the classroom.



The RSC offers support to post-16 students through RSC ChemNet ChemNet members are kept up-to-date with the latest chemistry news and information with a wide range of member benefits.

• Monthly mailings containing Chemistry World, ChemNet News and InfoChem

• Invitations to events such as Industrial and university visits

• Advice on chemistry careers

Membership costs students just £15 for one year or £20 for two years and further information is on the RSC ChemNet website.

Discover Chemistry

This joint Pfizer / RSC educational programme aims to enhance the skills of chemistry graduates by providing additional resources to improve key skills. Projects include:

• Discover Maths for Chemists – a website linking chemistry and maths

• Discover LabSkills – an interactive tool to help build confidence in practical chemistry

• Discover Molecular Interactions – GCSE and A-level assignments looking at drug development

Find out more or try our new resources at

If you have any question about RSC education products please contact the Education Department at