ASE Guide to Research in Science Education

Edited By John Oversby

This completely new book gives easy access to research that has informed classroom practice and provides support for those wishing to conduct their own research. The writers of this book firstly review robust and reliable research evidence, topic by topic, that informs the development of science teaching and will help teachers make decisions about the learning experience they offer to their students. The second part of the book focuses on how teachers can set about doing their own research, on topics pertinent to their own classrooms. These chapters provide practical guidance on the stages of a research project and will help teachers ensure that their research is rigorous and reliable, and that it will be valuable to them and to the research community

This ASE Guide to Research in Science Education provides critical consideration of:

  • learning and teaching the science curriculum

  • what we know of students' ideas about science

  • the assessment and attainment of students


  • is a valuable resource for teachers of science in training and their early careers, with many working at Masters level.

The book is a product of some members of the ASE Research Committee. The authors are drawn from a wide cross-section of expert ASE members; they are all committed to and experienced in developing science education.

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